Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend...

The catchphrase 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' has become a popular part of the modern culture thanks to the sustained marketing effort of the diamond industry.

Women, and men, have come to expect that an engagement ring would have to be a diamond ring. Many also assume that should wedding bands be embellished with gems, the stones would have to be diamonds too.

Yet not many realize that the concept of having diamonds on engagement and wedding rings is new – in fact, less than 100 years old.

Scott Cunningham in his book Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic said, “Though the diamond is not a stone of love, it is worn to ensure fidelity and to reconcile quarreling lovers. Today it is, of course, the most popular wedding stone, due in part to aggressive advertising, but other stones are perhaps more appropriate. This usage has no ancient history.”

Available to purveyors of fine jewelry is a bedazzling choice of stones, in a breathtaking range of colors and hues, both precious and semi precious.

Sapphire for instance, has been a traditional favorite among brides through the centuries, and not just because of its lovely blue hue. It is worn on rings to symbolize commitment, fidelity and romantic love.

In some cultures, it was believed that the color of the sapphire would fade if it is worn by an unfaithful woman and Crusaders in the 12th century would present their wives with a sapphire ring as a test of fidelity.

Ruby is a red colored transparent gem from the mineral Corundum. Interestingly, ruby and sapphire are different colored types of this very same mineral. Rubies have been historically renowned as the gem of kings and queens.

Emeralds on the other hand are believed to have healing powers in the days long gone. These days however, this beautiful green precious stone is prized for its color and rarity.

Jade is said to symbolize love and eternity, and therefore a good choice for couples seeking to imbue their wedding rings with added meaning.
For those who wish to express their individuality and seek a greater departure from what is considered popular, semi precious stones make exciting and unique choices. Amethyst, citrine, chalcedony, tourmaline, aquamarine and turquoise are just some of semi precious stones that come to mind.

The iridescence of opal can lend a distinct allure to your ring, while the deep, rich blue of lapis lazuli may add an even more romantic cachet to your wedding ring.

There are gemologists who would advise you to choose a stone based on your zodiac sign or birth month, and yet others who would recommend a lucky stone based on numerology.

Whatever your choice may be, remember that your preference will in the end, stamp the mark of your own personality into ring that you will wear for a lifetime.

And isn’t it just right that your wedding ring says something unique about you?

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