To splurge or not?

What to consider when buying your wedding band.

You've got a bling on your finger and your engaged status is now declared. But wait a minute. That is not the end of the story. There is the other ring. The one that will accompany you throughout life. One for you and one for your significant other. A wedding ring is an emotional and highly involved purchase.

Life as a married couple is a journey made by two people pledging to spend the rest of your life together. So why not choose the very rings that cement the couple hood, together? You may be surprised that you spouse too wants to have a say in the kind of ring he wears.

So what would you both want to think about when you are making your wedding ring decision?



Classic or avant-garde, intricate or simple, white or yellow metal, with gems or without? Will the style stand the test of time? These are some of the first questions you may want to ask yourselves.


Coordinate or not

You may wish to match your ring with your engagement ring in a complementary design. Or perhaps match your ring with his. Or both. What if your preference in metals are not the same? You can always have a mixture of both colored metals in your rings. What if you like clean designs while he likes heavier styles? You don't necessarily need to match your rings. After all, wedding bands are an expression of who you are and as a couple who recognize each other's individuality.

Will your job or hobby trap grit in an ornate ring? Do you do rough work or sports because smooth finishes show up scratches more than rough finishes. Will a thick band get in the way in what you do every day? Do your habits put a gem setting at risk? Your lifestyle will determine whether or not the ring will work for you.


As you will most likely be wearing your wedding rings through all seasons - hot or cold, weight loss or weight gain, through exercise or pregnancy, you would want to make allowance for the contraction or expansion of the metal and changes in finger size.

Plan in advance
Give yourselves enough time to weigh all your options. At least three months before your wedding so you have time to breathe and not fret before the event. Remember to add production lead time to your timeline if you want to have your custom ring made or if you have a special request.

You can get a plain ring for as little as USD200 but more precious metals would be pricier. In this part of the world, most couples spend around USD1000 on a off-the-rack pair from commercial jewelers and more for bejeweled or bespoke pieces. You will be wearing your wedding rings every day for the rest of your lives so it makes sense to set aside an adequate budget for quality.


Off-The-Rack or Custom Made

There is a great selection of different styles available off-the-rack. If both of you can find a pair that suits your tastes, lifestyles and budget, they are a practical option.

If you are looking for wedding bands that will express your personal styles, are unique and specially crafted to suit your needs, you would probably be much more satisfied with custom made rings. Bespoke rings are not as expensive as people think and the right jeweler can make your wedding ring experience truly memorable and meaningful.

Take your time to think about your wedding bands. Think about how you want to go about it. Do you prefer a casual jaunt to a jewelry outlet at the mall or an intimate discussion with your jeweler over tea at your favorite restaurant? These days, there are modern jewelers who are skype or messenger-enabled so you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home! Have fun!

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